my laptop is better than yours

What are all these people working on? What’s on their laptops? I know I’m technically here on a ‘holiday’ but fuck me, I feel useless. I bet they’re typing away on a screenplay or a memoir about growing up hipster. I bet they’re getting paid for it, too. Not like me. I check Facebook, look up NYC singles events, and update this blog occasionally; does that count as being a productive citizen of the world?

They could just be here taking advantage of free cafe wifi, come to think of it. Maybe they’re just catching up on Netflix and netbanking. And maybe they’re only pretend-liking cold brew.

Doubt it. They’re going somewhere, you can tell; they have a Mac. 

There’s something about this place – not just this East Williamsburg cafe but New York in general – that makes you want to be a Success. Alicia was right…this is a concrete jungle where dreams are made of. I’ve yet to conclude whether this is a good thing or not but in the meantime, maybe I should just pretend-like this cold brew and a post or two. 

PS. Is that Macklemore that just walked in?

Something to think about, Nisrine:

“Love yours…no such thing as a life that’s better than yours.” – J Cole

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