how not to pick a monologue

We were asked to prepare a short monologue for our first Stella lesson.

All 15 classmates chose monologues from well-known plays.

I did not.

I chose mine from the internet.

Their pieces went for at least three minutes and contained something called ‘substance’.

Mine went for 30 seconds and did not.

Their pieces helped showcase their acting skills.

Mine helped showcase that I’m a dumb dumb.

Because apparently, that’s what we Aussies do; we play safe, we don’t aim high. Because apparently, doing so might suggest that we have a stick up our bumbs or that we’re overdoing it and God forbid that happened.

By Hova, if there’s any place to be a high-aiming, overdoing, stick-stuffing Thespian! then it’s here, girl. Come on, for Bee’s sake, get into it, will ya!

Note to self: when you’ve been accepted into an Advanced Masterclass at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City, DON’T CHOOSE MONOLOGUES FROM DA INTERNET. 



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