this is eric


This is Eric and his dog, Luna.

I met them on the corner of 78th and Broadway on my walk to Central Park this morning. They’d been there since 3:00am.

Eric asked me if I could spare some change but I gave him my hazelnut iced drink instead and told him I’d buy him a bowl of soup from Zabar’s.

I also told Eric I’d do this:




Painter of houses

Three years sober and drug-free

Former musician (see video below)

Favourite band: ACDC

Least favourite celebrity: David Lee Roth, for not giving him a sandwich when he clearly had one to spare

Best friend: Luna

Holds current drivers licence and YouTube account

Will work in all states (except California for reasons undisclosed)

Diligent and hardworking

Proudest work achievement: securing painting jobs all of summer 2014 in Richmond, Virginia after advertising his services outside of Home Depot with a sign reading ‘Need your house painted?’

‘I’ve never felt as high as I did on that ladder that day’

For all enquiries, please call: 917-822-5884


As Eric was telling me his story, I wanted to give him some advice along the lines of ‘your thoughts determine the shape of your life’ and ‘if you keep telling the same story of struggle, you’ll continue to live the same life of struggle’, etc etc…

…but who the fuck am I?

This was his story. And my two options were to give a shit about it or not.

And I chose the former not only because it made me feel like a better human, but because he was fucking hungry and needed a bowl of fucking soup.

And because Luna broke my fucking heart.

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