dear buddy – week 3

Dear Buddy,

It’s been three weeks. Yikes. I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing. But you know what they say: ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’. And I am, Buddy. I’m having a lot of it!

After my down week last week, when I became obsessed with online dating and felt a little homesick, it took my maybe three sessions of writing and reconnecting to you to get my vibration back on track. As a result of that, of simply getting back in touch with my blessings and the bigger picture and becoming aware of my negative self-talk and making efforts to replace them, magic started happening. Without effort, I found that my days became filled up with fun and energising activities and conversations. I got to do volunteer work at a drug and rehabilitation centre, my new scene for class was hilarious and allowed me to be big and brash, I took myself on mini adventures around BK, I got to know my roommate on a deeper and more spiritual level, I connected with some incredible men online and off, I had a mad doughnut, and I learnt to love my ganglion.

I am so ready for where I am headed in the weeks to come (my cousin Gina has officially named March for me, ‘Magic March Madness’ – how exciting!!)

Thank you, Buddy, this week for:

  • How to be Single for literally changing the course of my thinking in relation to Singledom; the movie, like a lot of things do when we ask for them, came into my life at the EXACT moment it was meant to and resonated with me so strongly; it wasn’t necessarily an Oscar-winning picture or anything but it didn’t have to be; it served its purpose for me – it made me believe more strongly in you using EVERYTHING and EVERYONE as my angels; everything and everyone we encounter, when we’re really open to it, is sent by you to give us some sort of message.
  • The song Welcome to New York by Tay Tay for being the soundtrack to my week and reenergising my love for this city.
  • The many restrooms around the city for being there when a girl hadda get some business done; never underestimate the power of a serendipitously-located restroom, folks.
  • The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath for finally giving me the female Holden Caulfield that I’ve been looking for all these years.
  • For Instagram for allowing me to document my time here in pictures; I forgot how much I like colours and lines and shade and hue.
  • My friends and family back home for supporting this blog and giving me words of encouragement that made me feel valued, as though what I’m doing is serving a greater purpose – maybe to inspire people, open their minds, invite them to change their perceptions, or simply make them forget their troubles and have a quick, sneaky chuckle.
  • My down time for coming when it needed to, for making me ask questions, for making me think up new desires, and for making me get closer to you.

Buddy, I am so pumped for March, you have no idea! Bring on the magic and bring on the madness.

And please, protect those who may not be in such high spirits. Allow them to see that if they just hold on, and have faith in you, they too will see the dawn approaching very soon.

Nisrine x



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