this is eric + shonah + me

This is Eric. Second from left. He’s 24.


I met him on my walk through Union Square on Saturday. He was at a ‘March for Bernie’ event. I asked him why he thought Bernie Sanders should be the next president of the United States of America. He said Bernie was ‘for the people’ and wanted to equalise wealth in this country. He said it was unfair that people were allowed to make billions of dollars and have houses with fifteen toilets when the majority of citizens had to be ‘worker bees’ and get paid scraps in comparison. I said ‘but why should we make people feel guilty for making money?’ He said that just the simple fact that someone has the capacity in this country to make that much money means that there are people that are getting stepped on in the process. I also asked Eric why he didn’t want Donald Trump to be president. ‘I don’t want to be shipped out to a concentration camp.’ Eric is Asian-American.

Eric was planning to hold up the banner for the next three hours as they marched through the streets of midtown New York.

This is Shonah. 20. The dog’s name is Freddie. He’s 3.


Shonah had been sitting out on the corner of Union Square and 14th street since 9.00am with her non-profit organisation, Might Mutts. They take dogs from kill shelters and bring them out to Union Square in the hopes that someone will adopt them; that these dogs will find a ‘forever home’. She said the older dogs were at the greatest risk of being put down at the kill shelters because of all their health issues – they are not in as high demand as the pups. The dogs at these shelters have their teeth clenched shut by the owners, and have mutilated toes. Shona has been coming out here for the past two years and is studying to be a veterinarian. It was 4 degrees out.

This is me. 32.

I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon making funny hair designs and changing the filter of my doughnut pic on Instagram.


Fuck me.

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