i released a helium balloon today

I released a helium balloon today.

It wasn’t so much for the balloon itself as it was for me.

At first I didn’t want to. I wanted to be selfish and hold onto it. It would give me something to talk about if I kept it, it would give me a reason to stay mad.

But when I realised not so much the weight of the balloon but the tension of my grip on it, I knew it would better serve my spirit to let it go.

And so I did.

At first, I thanked the balloon for all it had come to mean in my life. For the joy and the lessons and the awakenings.

Then, I tied the end of it with a beautiful ribbon.

And then I walked over to the shore, looked out into the ocean and up to the sky and released it. Just like that.

I wished the balloon well, knowing deep in my heart that the skies would carry it to wherever it needed to be next, for it had served its purpose for me and now had another hand to land into.

There were other people on that shore today. Hesitant, resistant others, holding desperately onto their balloons, fearful of loosening their grips. One even looked over and told me I was being silly; she told me to assert myself and to hang on to it and to punish it for in that, she said, is where I would find my strength. But little did she know that it was actually in the letting go that my true strength was found.

Love, and only love, liberates. 

Let go of It/Him/Her/Them and grab hold of Yourself instead.


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