The City

“New York is a city of daily irritations, occasional horrors, hourly tests of will and even courage, and huge dollops of pure beauty.”

– Pete Hamill

And in the back. And in the foot. And in the hand. And I paid him $40 to do it. … I’ve been feeling tension in my left shoulder for the past couple of days and because I know my body and emotions quite well, I know it’s all to do with my harbouring negative […]

Me: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the first ever edition of What I’ve Learned About… Applause. Me: Our guest this week was settled in 1634 and joins us all the way from the eastern coastal plain of New York City. Boasting a land area of 180 square kilometres (oo, watch out ladies!), and a population of just […]

I don’t have daily showers. Call me dirty but it’s the truth. I’ve never liked them. Maybe it’s just that I never feel that dirty that regularly to have to bathe or maybe it’s a lingering act of rebellion against my mother who used to make me do it every night when I was younger. (Although, […]

My friend lives in the East Village in what can only be described as a shoebox. It’s a five-storey walk-up meaning you have to walk up the stairs to get to her place as opposed to more modern forms of ascension such as elevators, escalators, and hot-air balloons. This is not so bad except for […]

The fire alarm went off tonight. I overcooked my salmon. I shouldn’t have cooked it in the first place let alone for a long place because I think it might have been off. I don’t trust American salmon; it looks thin and sickly. I was home alone when it happened. My Airbnb host was out […]