The People

“I believe in New Yorkers. Whether they’ve ever questioned the dream in which they live, I wouldn’t know, because I won’t ever dare ask that question.”

– Dylan Thomas

I’ve been sitting at this cafe on the corner of Grand and Havemeyer in Williamsburg for a couple of hours now and something funny just happened: the internet connection went out. And what, praytell, do you get when you cross a cafe full of Laptonians and no internet connection? A rare glimpse into mankind. Cue […]

This is Eric. Second from left. He’s 24. i I met him on my walk through Union Square on Saturday. He was at a ‘March for Bernie’ event. I asked him why he thought Bernie Sanders should be the next president of the United States of America. He said Bernie was ‘for the people’ and […]

This is Eric and his dog, Luna. I met them on the corner of 78th and Broadway on my walk to Central Park this morning. They’d been there since 3:00am. Eric asked me if I could spare some change but I gave him my hazelnut iced drink instead and told him I’d buy him a bowl […]

I rubbed shoulders with the fashion elite today. And Lance Bass. But more so the fashion elite. Because I, darlings, attended a New York Fashion Week show. Roww! It was my first one so I guess you can say I popped my fashion show cherry. Ooo, naughty. I don’t know how many of you have been privileged […]

I’m sitting in a toilet cubicle at 59E59 theatre in the Upper West Side. I’ve been in here for the past fifteen minutes and I’m not leaving. Not because I ate that breakfast bean burrito but because I would rather die from antiseptic toilet fumes than face the wrath of Mother Nature outside. You see, she’s in a […]

…then buy yourself a couple ‘o kittens, name them Thelma and Louise and line up that cable television, child, ’cause you ain’t going no place. So I’ve written my wedding vows. I don’t have a wedding or anyone to vow to but I figure, may as well get a head start. The wedding month will be […]

What are all these people working on? What’s on their laptops? I know I’m technically here on a ‘holiday’ but fuck me, I feel useless. I bet they’re typing away on a screenplay or a memoir about growing up hipster. I bet they’re getting paid for it, too. Not like me. I check Facebook, look up […]

Is a New Yorker any specific kind of person really or have I just made it all up? I’ve always told myself that they are loud and over-the-top and confident and strike up conversation at the drop of a hat. And these generalisations aren’t just based off tv; I’ve travelled here three times before and […]