The Stage


– Stanley Kowalski

As part of the Stella Adler Outreach Division, acting teachers visit various institutions around the country, running acting workshops with those who might be in tricky times and therefore unable to access the performing arts. These teachers take with them volunteers, students from the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, to participate. I attended one such workshop […]

I feel like my desire to act is slowly fading. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I’m enjoying writing too much. Maybe I’m too distracted with other things. Maybe I’ve realised that I might not be as good as I thought. Whatever the reason, I’m scared and embarrassed. This is a dream I’ve had since my […]

We were asked to prepare a short monologue for our first Stella lesson. All 15 classmates chose monologues from well-known plays. I did not. I chose mine from the internet. Their pieces went for at least three minutes and contained something called ‘substance’. Mine went for 30 seconds and did not. Their pieces helped showcase […]

I stand across the snow-smudged street and peer over at the entrance to the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. A group of about twenty twenty-somethings stand at the front. My future peers? I can’t make out faces but I sure as hell can make out huddles and there are definitely huddles. Big huddles, little huddles. Huddles. […]